Suggestions for Pretendo

I apologise if this doesn’t belong here, but I wanted to make a topic to have suggestions for Pretendo in general. This can be the Discord, the website, the forum, the GitHub, etc. This is not a “hate on the developers” or “hate on the moderators” topic. It’s for constructive feedback and suggestions for improved use for the average user and seasoned users, alike.

This does not mean “include X game” or “create X community.”

For this first suggestion, I would like to suggest that we bring an announcements channel or category (that only moderators can reply to) to the Pretendo Forum. I’m refusing to use Discord for a few days and I’m completely out of the loop on any and all new updates relating to Pretendo. Was SSSL fixed? Is there a new Inkay build? Did someone discover a DNS to get Pretendo to work on 3DS without modding? I have no idea! Anyone who doesn’t have Discord doesn’t know either. I know it’s probably a hassle, but the point of the forum is to ask questions and get responses if you’re out of the loop. Don’t you think there should be some way to see if your information is up to date from the forum itself, not having to sign up for a Discord account if you don’t have one already? The forum is accessible with only a Pretendo account for ease of use and widespread accessibility, but there’s no way to get the latest updates without going to the Discord server!

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Announcements on the forum would be great! But I feel like this suggestions topic will be taken over by stuff like “Pokémon X / Y / Sun / Moon support” or “Animal Crossing NL support” no matter what you say.

There are threads on both of these topics:

I can’t speak for Trace, who is making the Inkay test builds atm, but once I take his fixes and do a proper release I’ll definitely post about it in those threads.

Oh, and re: an Announcements category, that’s happening: You Guys should make an announcements category

Will keep this thread for other suggestions though.

Might be best splitting this post off if someone allows a feature requests category to go ahead.

Interesting for only moderators to reply to. I know I’m referencing a lot to experiences on DevForum, but what they do over there is that the post is locked for the first 10 minutes of being published and then unlocked after that. I would imagine that’s to gather more thoughtful posts.

I feel like limiting it to moderators isn’t a great idea because people will end up making separate threads about their thoughts about X update.

I don’t think forum replies to announcements would be as crazy as the Discord replies personally anyways. You can add a slow mode if I remember correctly to a thread, not sure about a category though (it’s been like 2 years since I’ve had administrator access to a Discourse server).

I’m fairly sure this has been put forward, it’s just waiting for Jon to see it as it looks like he’s the only person who has administrator access.

You could also follow their social media accounts ( but I find that they do not do a good enough job of informing people on them.

Don’t recall them ever saying SSSL was broken for instance so I had to say so in a reply to a post we made about SSSL’s creation.

I think that animal crossing new leaf on the 3ds should be revived by pretendo.

Did you read the original post? It specifically mentioned that this does not mean include X game. I want Animal Crossing New Leaf personally but I know it takes time and I know the developers are busy. They know a lot of people want to play that, it’s not really a new suggestion.

They have to archive all the Dream Worlds first, then they can do ACNL.

Personally, I want an OG Miiverse theme in Juxt. The Pretendo purple gets kind of boring, and I’ve never used Miiverse before clones, so I would like to see how it feels on Wii U before the shutdown. I know rverse exists, but it’s not currently Pretendo compatible.


We intentionally did not reuse the original Miiverse design to avoid any potential copyright issues with Nintendo’s assets. That and Juxtaposition is supposed to be a “what if Miiverse was made today” type of thing, the OG theme/layout wouldn’t really fit that. Plus we plan to add more features than was originally in Miiverse, which again wouldn’t fit the original design


There is another Miiverse clone in development called Aquamarine, its meant to be look very similar to the original Miiverse, but in a nice blue recolor, and it will have redesign features ike the Play Journal, Discussions, Screenshot album, and even new features like a theme shop, group chats, and popup notifications to remove the need to click the notifications button

I work on the Wii U version, but there is also an offdevice version thats also pretty well into development.

(it also already supports translations, as you can see i have mine set to spanish)

How do you have Aquamarine running? I thought it went down due to the auth tokens