Issues with Aroma 17/18

Do people have problems with the new versions?
I’m just confused that the Pretendo devs didn’t say anything about it.

There is a new update of aroma (19), retry with this update :slightly_smiling_face:

Miiverse and the Wara Wara Plaza work perfectly fine but MK8 and Splatoon stopped working.

What’s the error code ?

It’s being looked in to, we’re aware of the issue. We just haven’t fixed it yet


Error Code: 101-0502

It’s just the servers that have a problem, not your console. You’ll either have to wait, or try rebooting your console :slight_smile:

Okay, thank you very murch ^^

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Okay, I’ll try it out later. ^^

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New error code: 118-0551 What does this mean?

It’s just that the game host wasn’t able to communicate the information correctly, so you weren’t able to join the game in progress. You can try again as often as you like this time!

Okay, thank you for the advice ^^

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I have had no issues with any of these versions. Inkay was broken for a little bit, but if you download this beta version of Inkay and you’ll be fine (the Nightly build isn’t updated yet).

Here’s the Discord link to Trace’s beta file. There may be bugs, but I have not encountered any: Discord

The problem has already been resolved :slight_smile:

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ever since aroma cant play Splatoon any help would be great

You can download the most recent Inkay beta here: Discord
This beta fixes some issues with Inkay on Aroma 17,18, and 19.

One of the troubleshooting steps for Splatoon is to press L + Down D-Pad + Minus
Then, go to Inkay → BOSS settings → Unregister Wara Wara Plaza. You may need to wait a minute before trying to launch Splatoon. Another thing you can try is deleting your Shared Save Data.
To do so, go to System Settings, Data Management, then open Splatoon. Make sure you delete Shared Save Data not your account save data.

If none of that works, then it could be server overload, in which case you can export your Save File with SaveMii (an app you can download on the Homebrew AppStore). On a Windows PC, you can install a programme called “SplatHex,” which will allow you to edit your save file and you can check a box so that you can play Ranked. Ranked typically has less connection issues than Turf War. After you finish editing your save, you can put it back on your console safely. (I recommend looking up a SaveMii video guide. While we discourage video guides, SaveMii hasn’t been majorly updated in a while and video guides are extremely helpful for the navigation of that application)

Should be fixed as per New Inkay update fixes Aroma compatibility