New Inkay update fixes Aroma compatibility

Hi all! Sorry about my absence from the forums lately.

A new build of Inkay has been released: Inkay v2.5.0

This version should work on the latest Aroma builds. Please make sure to fully update via the Aroma Updater before installing this version of Inkay.

Stay fresh!


Note that the “Account Settings and eShop app” support mentioned in the release notes are just saying that Inkay will patch them, but we don’t have any server support for them yet, so the patches don’t do much. The account settings server is a work-in-progress currently under review, while our stance on an eShop server remains unchanged.

You’ll still have to disable the “Connect to Pretendo Network” option and use Nintendo Network to access the eShop for your old NNID purchases.

Statements from @PN_Jon about an eShop server:

No, for both technical and legal reasons Pretendo will NOT be making an eShop replacement. This idea has been thoroughly discussed with the rest of the development team for over a year and we have concluded it is not possible to do properly, and not worth the time and effort to try and make it work properly. The full explanation is too long for a single announcement but do know we have already done all the thinking.

~ Discord announcement, 07/09/2022

NO, WE WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTING GAMES OR OTHER APPS/TITLES THROUGH A PRETENDO ESHOP! While the infrastructure is there, we will NOT be supporting piracy of any kind on our platform or community. Piracy is NOT about price or profits, it’s about rights to distribute given content. We do not, and will not ever, have the rights to distribute any official WiiU or 3DS titles! As for homebrew or romehacks on the eShop, yes that is possible. However it is too much of a hassle to be worth it. Rom hacks would still require the base game to be distributed along with the modifications, since the eShop can only distribute full titles. We cannot distribute those base games. As for homebrew, there are much better solutions to that already. One of the biggest issues would be update management. Currently there is NO WAY to package a custom update title, any titles packaged as updated fail to install making update management nearly impossible. Also very little homebrew is even compatible with the eShop title format, and would need to be completely rewritten to support it. On top of that Aroma/Tiramisu provides the ability to have homebrew displayed as a channel. Given these reasons we decided to not go forward with any homebrew eShop either.

~ Discord announcement, 16/02/2022


Thanks for all the info quarky! I was expecting the eShop part, but it’s nice to see the official reason there. Also thanks for citing it, you saved a lot of digging on my part if I wanted to search for Jon’s messages.

I have a question regarding Inkay, I remember I read somewhere that the reason for having Nimble was that the patches were loaded earlier since it’s a module and plugins used to load later in the boot chain in older Aroma versions (16-). Now, plugins loads earlier than before, is it possible to integrate nimble BOSS patches into Inkay? Or has them been integrated? I haven’t seen that in the changelog and I can’t test right now, but curious if this new behavior could “merge” Nimble into Inkay.

I believe the new builds have merged Nimble back in, yeah. Will have to do some testing on it.


I am using an outdated version with Nimble in the setup folder. Can I leave this here with updated Inkay or do I have to delete it?