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Nice to see Pretendo adding a Discourse server!!!

Thanks Jon and the team for adding this, it’s really nice that this exists, much better than using Discord, that’s for sure.


Hello, world!
I’ve never used Discourse before! This is pretty sick!


very epic that there’s forums now


Oh wow how did you three get here, this hasn’t even been announced yet


Yeah, it’s a really powerful forum software, I have way too much hours on Roblox DevForum.

Might be my fault sorry ash, #pretendo-general tab on Discord if you wanna purge

I saw the commit that added it to the website banner, Comparing ad0563b2445f...79d22e2ec847 · PretendoNetwork/website · GitHub


this is so freaking epiccc

It’s in the GitHub commits :grimacing:

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This seems interesting

Would love if announcements were posted in the blog or here instead of Discord announcements

Digging the single sign-on and the pulling in of Miis for profile pictures. Good choice on picking Discourse.


Oooh this is cool :3 Always lovely to see message boards in 2024

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Didn’t expect it to be officially announced, thanks for inadvertently helping us test our Discord to Matrix bridge with announcements

woah cool! new forum will hopefully be useful!!

Hello, world! This will be really useful!

new pretendo feature = best day of the week

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cool! this will be amazing for people that don’t have discord!


Wow This is pretty amazing :smile:

So thankful you guys are moving away from Discord as a centralized platform for everything


hey cuties, forum will be really useful to people who don’t have discord :3