3DS Friend code exchange / looking for people to add

Looking for some people to add on Wii U and 3DS, if you added me on 3DS please let me know your code so I can add you back!

My Wii U PNID is Asomn360, and my 3DS code is 4656-5509-8094.


Mine is “Gelatto”!, i am adding you rn

Added! My PNID is “nate_0917x” btw


nonbenmanni is mine (anyone else need to put over 20 characters to post?)

Hi my #DS Friend code: 4823 2571 0634 Kamil


i just added you on my 3DS. my friend code: 1520-5910-4837

Mine pnid is sodapopshawn I’ll get you my 3ds friend code when I get home.

My Username is Trainer on the Wii U & 3DS. You can friend me if you want. My friend code is: 2853 - 4724 - 6496.

hi everyone, if u want to add me my pnid is LLOOLOX1 and my FC is: 3579-2923-1665 pls guys add me and I will add u

PNID is Fredento and 3DS Code: 4992-6363-8367.

Tell me if you added me on 3DS.

Hey add you m’y FC is 2676-6470-5730

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Hé, ajoute-toi, mon FC est le 2676-6470-5730

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You can add me too!

My 3DS FC: 5425-6262-7805

Let me know if you added me. I added you, Asomn360.


Friend code is 3495-6203-4098

My 3ds friend code is 3581-4628-0652

Му friend code is 4347-9695-9248

I added everyone here :hugs:
Pls add me all back <3
3DS FC: 0615-5973-4401

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It would be cool if peeps added me, that streetpass relay thingy is ferocious I need it desperately.



I want to try out the Streetpass Relay. I’ve added you - can you add me back ?
User Mal-N15023
Code 0440-9070-1830
Others can add me as well if they like.

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I added you my fc is over your last post here