Looking for friends on 3ds who have yokai watch 1/2/3!

Even though I know pretendo doesn’t support combats or trades yet i don’t know if it supports the streetpass feature of the game, and even if it doesn’t I wanna be prepared for when the time arrives and as soon as it does I already have lots of people to streetpass with to fill my Wayfarer Manor.

My 3ds code is 3966-4574-9449 and name is “mosiuwu”

‎My friend code is on my profile here! I’ll add you back as soon as I can :3

I added you, add me back whenever you can ^-^

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Can I join you guys?

Of course you can! There’s no need to ask!

yay! £: my friend code is 1691-0829-5269 and my username is Tom; I’ll add you in a couple minutes
(and you too mosiuwu)

I’m also looking for people to add, i recently got into the game i’ll add you and put my friend code once my 3ds is charged.