Wii U PNID Exchange!

Since there is a forum for 3DS friend code exchanging, why not make one for Wii U as well?
To start off, my PNID is PizzaPizza72. Feel free to add me. I will accept the requests whenever I boot up my Wii U again.

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Interesting I create a new account for pretendo.

Cool idea. I just heard about this and created one. Free free to add!

PNID: Nix_99

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Add me My PNID anton2024 nix we can be friends forever


My PNID is HudsonPH. Feel free to add me!

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my PNID is chipert22

For me to add me again and send me friend request

My PNID is tyrex1

Here’s my PNID: That1Adam

Add my PNID Anton2024 Adam

Here’s my pnid: mynamejoel
add me =D

Here’s mine!


Mine’s PropellerToadXD Fell Free To Add Mii!! :grin: