Unable to go past the Plaza on Splatoon with my paid account. (Wii U)

I have both the nimble and inkay & using aroma version v0.2.0. I have deleted the BOSS data to try and play, but when booting the game, it’s stuck on the boot scene, it does not go to the Plaza, exiting the game makes me softlocked loading in the Wii U Menu. Rebooting right after this and going straight on Splatoon gives me error 104-2210, if i repeat the same proccess to delete BOSS data, it won’t fix it, it just does the same thing again. I’ve also did the “Unregister Wara Wara Plaza BOSS tasks” option, but nothing changed. I also decided to try the latest aroma but the same issue happens. NOTE : I do not have SSSL installed. I also tried without any mods installed!!! The same happens on tiramisu with the tiramisu nimble & sssl… I’ve also tried switching from beta to production and nothing has changed. Image :

Have you tried deleting Shared Save Data in your system settings? (Tiramisu is unsupported)

I haven’t seen it getting stuck on loading up unless it’s through Cemu, but that’s not the case as you have Aroma…
You can try the most recent Inkay version: Discord It might fix the issue? Also, are you on the Beta servers or the Production servers? I wasn’t able to matchmake on Beta (because no one was online) but the Production servers did allow me to do so.

I mentioned that deleting shared save data doesn’t fix it, neither chaging to prod or beta, i will see if the recent inkay version fixes it!

I’ve tried the new inkay plugin you have linked me to, it doesn’t fix my issue sadly.

Have you fixed it?, i have the same issue

Find and download “30_nimble.rpx” and put it in the “setup” folder on your Wii U’s SD card.

Nope, i have no idea how to fix it.

As i mentioned i have the nimble.rpx file in my SD Card.

Did this error happen even when u used nnid?

Nope, it never happened on Nintendo Network.

Have you set pretendo properly with instructions on the official site?

Have you ever added mods to Splatoon?

I do, on Cemu, they are cosmetic which doesn’t break the rules. On Wii U, i don’t use any mods.

Hmm,ok do you use the same account in cemu and wiiu

I do, yeah. I mostly use it on Cemu since this issue has occured.

I think it’s because you modded Splatoon in cemu,not 100%,but ask a developer who knows more than me

And did you use moves save data in savemii mod?

My save was injected a long time ago.

UPDATE: I’ve downloaded the new inkay and updated aroma, but the same thing still happens.

love the devs completly ghosting u lmao, best devs evar!!!