[Resolved] SSSL not currently working on Wii U

From an announcement on Discord:

SSSL doesn’t work because BOSS and SpotPass issues. There is no estimated timeline on a fix. As of now the only known solution (that I have heard of) is to HomeBrew your console and use Pretendo that way. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Luni Moon

There are two threads about SSSL and Splatoon, both with statements by Jon:

We are aware of issues regarding SSSL and Splatoon. These are being looked into.

You should add that this is currently temporary. […] We’re looking into why this happened as it SHOULD be supported

Will update if the situation changes.


Is there ANY update on this issue yet? I really want to play some splatoon rn.

If you take a look at the statement, they’re still working on it currently.

It could take weeks to solve, we just don’t know. Be patient for now.

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Updated with a second thread about Splatoon and staff statement.

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SSSL now works properly and you should be able to play Splatoon 1 through it again.

If you still have issues playing, check your internet connection.

Attaching a link to a post we made earlier containing a statement by Jon on the Pretendo Discord Announcements channel.

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