Wii U Splatoon 104-1212

Splatoon was working fine with only minor error issues about a week and a half ago but now I keep getting the error code: 104-1212 unable to connect to server. I am using the SSSL version of Pretendo. Also whenever I first turn on my wiiu it asks to sign in to the network on my primary user (in which I decline) and when I switch to my user using pretendo it does not ask me to sign in. Little help please?

SSSL does not work with Splatoon or any other BOSS games. You’ll have to mod your system and install Nimble.

Edit as per suggested by Jon: This is temporary, its being looked into

You should add that this is currently temporary. The way this is phrased makes it seem like it never supported these, and won’t again. We’re looking into why this happened as it SHOULD be supported

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As previously mentioned, SSSL is temporarily unavailable for games such as Splatoon that utilize BOSS.

Please use the search function before posting to see whether other people are experiencing the same issue since this is posted as the latest announcement in the Announcements category.

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Allright thank you both. Ironically now i’m getting the error 104-2930. But i’ll be patient for any fixes. I’m a bit nervous when it comes to modding. Also I’m sorry about posting the same thing, I had only noticed after, and once again thank you for your support.

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I have also gotten error 104-2930 however my Wii U is homebrewed and connected to the Pretendo network. I have Nimble too. With this setup, I had no problems with Splatoon until recently. When I load up Splatoon now, Callie and Marie do not give me map updates anymore. I am aware SSSL does not currently work, so if that is causing issues for some reason on my end, I will wait as it gets looked into. If it shouldn’t cause issues, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Sssl doesn’t support Splatoon,but soon it will

Please don’t follow video guides.

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Is splatoon server back on yet

The servers aren’t down, SSSL isn’t currently working.

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Was there an announcement about that somewhere?

You can play splatoon because SSL back online now.