Please prevent matchmaking blocked users

As always I have the utmost respect for all Pretendo Devs who work day and night to provide a quality experience.

Unlike the Nintendo Switch, vanilla Wii U matchmaking did not fully separate you from blocked users. It seems that the current Pretendo implementation does this too. I was matchmade with a player I had blocked half an hour prior. I would like to request that in the future, players can no longer be matchmade with those that they have blocked.

This was especially an issue in Splatoon 1, where hackers and other malicious users kept joining my room even though they were blocked because other players had not yet played with the bad actor and thus had not blocked them yet.

In the long run this adjustment will benefit the community as a whole since it would ease segregating cheaters. Thank you for reading this proposal.

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In general, we are trying to make the servers as accurate as possible to what Nintendo Network did, so it is unlikely that we will change this behavior even if it would be beneficial.

That being said, our policy is that cheating on Pretendo is not allowed in public matches (it’s only allowed in private/friend-only matches). If you can, we’d appreciate it if you could record video evidence of cheaters and submit it to the Hacker Reporting Thread.

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Some people say that there are acceptable cheats and unacceptable cheats in pretendo.
Do you know where should we check which cheat is allowed or not?

Generally speaking, the rule is that anything that doesn’t give you an unfair advantage (like graphical mods) is okay. I know that there has been some debate about whether specific mods give an unfair advantage, so those cases should need to be discussed on an individual basis.


I hope the team changes course and takes steps to increase the quality of user experience rather than blindly mimicking the Nintendo implementation, which contains numerous problems that were fixed in future generations. I guess I have no choice but to manually block individual IPs until I figure out who is who. Besides, I don’t want to be forced to play Rainmaker Bluefin Depot 24/7.