Hacker Reporting Thread

WELCOME!!! To the Officially Non-Official and Original Hacker/Cheater reporting thread.

If you would like to submit a report, please reply to this post below. An Pretendo staff member should help a.s.a.p (as soon as possible). You can also discuss cheaters here as well.

Notice: THIS THREAD IS FOR DISCUSSING & REPORTING CHEATERS/HACKERS ONLY! If you wish to send a ban appeal for Pretendo discord/Pretendo Network, submit a new thread under Ban Appeal or Support. A Staff member will assist there.

To make the report most effective, please provide the fallowing information below

  • Their Pretendo ID (WiiU) And/or Mii Name (3DS)
    example name | FC: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
  • Video Evidence of the offender
    (You may also provide screen shots of offenders Mii Name/Pretendo ID)
  • Game Name (Mario Kart 7/8, Splatoon, etc)
  • Description of what happened
    (Describe what they were doing and how they were cheating.)

FYI, i am not affiliated with Pretendo nor a Staff Member, I simply wish to help eliminate cheaters. And im sure you feel the same. All official reports are reported and examined by official staff members only.


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Person caught in mk7 Worldwide - Vs Race
He was in last place then all of a sudden half way through the race he
won the race and i couldnt see him at all pass me.


I agree this should be a thread that lots see so pretendo can be a better place.


Bumping in that way isn’t necessary though, it brings nothing new to the conversation in my opinion.

Moderators have tools to bump posts if necessary which are not as disruptive as this is (they have a reset bump date option iirc).

I’m not sure if this was really a hack, but, in Splatoon, I was playing a turf war battle, and saw the other team’s ink appear on the ground out of nowhere. We still won though.

I also saw another “hacker”. They were a Japanese user and had “Twitter” at the start of their name. In the lobby, they showed up as level 50 (maximum), while in the results screen, they showed up as level 99.

Hopefully someday soon we can put a good stop to these cheaters but for now we have these threads and they eventually get banned.

Not all cheaters need to be banned, though - some of them are goofy and cool, as long as the hacking is done in friend rooms.

This being said, even in friend lobbies, all friends have to ok with that. Otherwise its still against the rules.

this is so usefull. i’ve seen some hackers in splatoon 1

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Well if youd like to submit a report please do so here. And provide some evidence. Will help out alot

AtexBg Mii on Mario Kart 7

Had item hacks, started race with an infinite star

Hi. A mii named Franke with japanese flag had item hack on mk8 today


I don’t have any evidence (I also don’t want anyone to get in trouble) so this is just to patch the hack.
I saw someone in Splatoon 1 Ranked Battles that was LV 4.

I saw someone on splatoon yesterday

Franke,has infinite items,and kills everyone in the game

His id:DeNA-baystars


bro same i saw him today


I was there, got this on vidéo, Mii named Franke using item hack again… Please ban this kid !

Evidences on 1:10 and 1:40