Hacker Reporting Thread

Someone with the mii name Franke and id DeNA-baystars was using item, speed, and teleporting hacks on Mario kart 8.

Video evidence: https://youtu.be/4YzeGsu0X58?si=V-fiYp57Lw7qecHd

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I just saw him as well.

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Please ban him as soon as possible


I beg u he’s hacking the game I swear!!!

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Bro he is still playing in my game

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To anyone who has seen Franke or is afraid of them: Block them. They will no longer show up in online games after they are blocked.


Ok, thanks for the tip

How do you go about doing that? I tried to search his code and it only gives me the option to send a friend request and looking on recent players list it only shows who was in my splatoon game the first time I played on pretendo.

Oof, you might be out of luck then. Try reporting them in the Discord server, mentioning their friend code.

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But I don’t have discord

Then get discord and report him there
Screenshot 2024-06-10 1.04.39 PM

There’s various reasons why people can’t use Discord. The whole intention of these forums is to make support and information more accessible.

I saw a hacker on splatoon and Mario kart 8 when i was doing global race match. I was like omg why are they cheating.

does using cheats count as something to report

If done in public, or if it has the chance to remotely brick a console, yes. If harmless and done in private (e.g. friend rooms), no.

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(something to get the word count off my back)

does he play Splatoon?
I don’t like when hackers are in the lobby

I’m Anton I like playing splatoon for fun

Can’t play splatoon right now because the servers are down