It would be very cool if Pretendo revived the extremely obscure version of Damae Channel for Wii U

This is an extremely obscure version of the channel that I have practically not heard of other than mentions in wikis, or videos.

It is so dark that finding images has already been very difficult for me. I had to look up the name of the channel using the Japanese alphabet to obtain more information.

This is the official page of the channel on the Nintendo website:

It’s just a silly idea, but after seeing what Wiilink did, I thought it would be fun to propose it.

Time to order pizza from my gamepad lol


Not gonna lie, it would be really cool to have the Wii U version ported too, but there’s just no point honestly considering you can go into the Wii mode and access the Food Channel from there.

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im actually working on a revival on it, however it was put on hold, but it did work on actual Wii U hardware before, if people are interested, i might give it another shot, however, id still need pretendos 3rd party auth to authenticate with services tokens

so not for a good while


but my gamepad pizza… :<

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you really should give it another shot! maybe you could even get the pretendo devs to make it a part of pretendo :eyes:

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But you need businesses to ship food!

The channel requests an order from the company, kind of like how the Wii version does it.

ah so that’s how sensor bar pizza works and how gamepad pizza should work :slight_smile:

I don’t want to hack my vWii; that’s a point. lol

APIs exist, like Domino´s, and they can be used to order food externally

How else do you think WiiLink´s Demae worked then?