Error code 101-0502 when playing any online game

I checked with the discord server and the website and pretendo is not down in anyway, I get the error code above whenever I try and play splatoon or mariokart (or any online game for that matter) and when I try to open PN settings I get error code 120-1819. I looked the latter one on both pretendo and nintendo support and they both don’t have them logged. If I could get some pointers on what to do that would be great, thanks :smile:


I have also getting this error recently. What I normaly do is unregister wara wara plaza boss task and then it works (at least for me)

My Wi-Fi Connection are completely updated just now and my router are normal

Now it’s showing me this just now

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That is an overload in the friend server,which is a pretendo problem,not yours.

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The friend server is back on, it’s probably something on your end. If it isn’t something on your end, please be patient instead of spamming every thread.

I haven’t paid subscription for pretendo it is my first time I used it.

My Wi-Fi connection might be issue with DNS settings it keeps cutting off the servers.

Do I need to create a new connection for my Wi-Fi and connect with dns settings.

Please, I am begging you to stop spamming on every thread you find.

Paid servers are not going to make a difference and if you’re unable to connect, SSSL is the problem. You need to be modded for the best experience, Splatoon doesn’t work through SSSL at the moment.

This is not true. Subscribing does not give you access to “better servers,” it just gives you early access to beta games that are unstable and not yet ready for a full public release. If you donate just because you want a more stable connection, you will be disappointed because that is not a real donation feature.

Oh ok sorry for the wrong information

Ohh,he didn’t mod his wiiu.Thats why he didn’t work,he didn’t mention he used sssl method

@RDroyale, he literally mentioned using the SSSL DNS.

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Cuz me myself use inkay and sssl

What happen if my server is not back online it that means I have to play offline rest of my life. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

It’s my first time playing using pretendo since after Nintendo Network shutting down.

I’m feel like going to cry :cry: :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I don’t know if is it the weather slowing my Wi-Fi connection. I’m from UK and I feel like To play with my friends specially Tyler.

Tyler is using Modded wii u and he having issues on his wii.

Tyler is using His DNS setting he can’t go on his friend list at all.

Add his pretendo network ID Tyler 64.

He is super stressed out right now.

Why would the weather be affecting your WiFi connection unless you’re using 4G/5G as your broadband? From my experience with mobile data testing here in the UK (particularly on EE a while back), you only will generally experience issues under extreme conditions.

See whether removing the DNS solves the issues for your friend because you might need to do that.

I’d ask you to be patient, but also remember that some people that have Wii U’s have probably never taken their console online in their life. Consider yourself lucky that you’ve been able to play online for 11 years!