Error code 001-0502

Anton, please stop ban evading.

You have had about 4 accounts removed now due to spam which doesn’t help people.

If you want to ask people what level they are etc, do it in General or something. Hackers have nothing to do with the issues here.

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Same issue here, it happened after there were rumours of a DDoS. Miiverse works but nothing else does.


No I think he means that in some areas the IP address changes,causing this error

Most people have a dynamic IP, it’s normal and it helps protect you against DDoS attacks (although mines very sticky with Virgin Media).

Ok so how do I change from dynamic to static IP

It is very unlikely that that would solve this error. Static IPs almost always cost extra money anyway.

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Yeah, most mainstream providers don’t offer static IPs. It’s completely normal.

I don’t think CGNAT would make a difference as I’ve played MK7 on Pretendo through a CGNAT connection on O2 - UK 4G. Whether that’s the same for Sky’s MAP-T, I don’t have a clue. Will test CGNAT on Pretendo on vodafone UK 5G too as I was given an eSIM to borrow.

So what can we do about it?

Nothing, still highly suspect it’s an ISP issue though.

Btw,I restart the router every 1 or 2 days,because I get the error between 1-2 days,and it goes

(error 101-0502) Static or dynamic IP on Wii U with Aroma and Inkay does not solve anything. I have tried all DNS router ports and it always fails. There are other causes.

Definitely not a dynamic IP issue, just tried on vodafone UK 4G which is CGNAT and it works fine on MK7 (error 006-0612 is what I seem to get, can’t find any players).

It’s something to do with the ISP probably.

My home network which is AT&T gives me 001-0502, but my portable network which is T-Mobile, works fine without any errors. I use Alcatel Linkzone 2 to bypass 001-0502. Alcatel LINKZONE® 2 : Alcatel Mobile

Yeah i haven’t played online since last week.

Seems like using a hotspot works better. If only we could get that working on regular wifi

I don’t have a phone

I’m using my iPod touch

What game you like playing the most

For me I like mk8 the most

My computer hotspot is working fine. So yeah. It’s our ISP. It is evident that our ISPs are blocking the pretendo network. The solution as of now, is to use a hotspot. Windows has a hotspot feature, and I’m sure mac os and linux have a program for the job. So right now, we can only use our computers for this situation.