Error code 001-0502

How can i fix this?,it happens on any online thing,even i remaded a pnid but nothing :frowning:

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I’ve been having the same issue. Miiverse will load, but nothing else will

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samething happening to me it’s been getting this error for the last 3 days HOWEVER when I connect my 3ds to my mobile phones hot spot it works

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I get the same error when i try to use the friend list.

I would like to bump this thread. Currently still having this problem on anything that isn’t miiverse, or CTGP-7. Are y’all still experiencing this?

yeah, I’m still having troubles

Friends 3DS and WiiU are known to be flaky at the moment, work’s ongoing on it.

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‎Glad to know work is being done to fix the error! Keep up the amazing work!! :3

I’m having the same problem. Hotspot works for me though, but given the desolateness of MK7 online, a whole lot of people are having similar issues. Really happy this is being worked on.

My best friend Oscar is having the same problem over and over again and there’s no way to fix it at all!

I’ve been having a problem. Every time I try to play Mario Kart 7 online with my friend, there’s always an error code and I don’t know what to do

Just leaving a comment to hopefully be notified when somebody finds a solution. I was able to access Miiverse and play CTGP-7 (the Mario Kart 7 mod) online, but everything else gives that error code.

The server is down and they are going to fix for us

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They better fix those servers…

You have wii u and 3DS

I was receiving the same error and believe I found a cause. I setup Pretendo on my home network then traveled to a friend’s house but was unable to connect whatsoever with the same error. Upon returning to my home, it worked instantly.

It would appear Pretendo has some sort of IP filtering going on. And if you have a residential internet connection, your public IP changes periodically. So Pretendo is essentially locking us out - likely in an attempt to prevent spam.

Bro I was thinking the same thing!the way I did is to restart my browser.But I wish pretendo will find a solution for the IP filtering thing

Please Anton,stop giving false and spam information.Your solutions are FAKE


Ok I stop droyale what level are you on splatoon