Error code 001-0502 with wireless controller

I got the error code 001-0502, and this issue happens when I linked up an external controller attempting to play online using input redirection. I had restarted the New Nintendo 2DS XL using 3DS quick reboot. The Luna3DS version is (v.13.1.1) on the console and used the Luna menu to sync the controller that displays my ID address using Input Redirection on my PC. I had uninstalled Nimbus and reinstall via the Universal Updater, and changing the network from Pretendo to Nintendo Network. Also, I had tried disconnecting and reconnecting my house wifi, and the error code still persists. However, NetPass works and all homebrew apps that connect to the internet seem to work however Nimbus does not. The applications with error code 001-0502 are Mario Kart 7, and Friends List does not work however the console is online, and the touch screen states that “You are currently online.” when Friends List is loaded up occasionally. This issue started on May 21st, 2024.

Please use the support forum in future. Duplicate of Error code 001-0502