Error 101 0103 when adding a friend

So if you look at the previous threads,I solved error 101 0102, and friend list works fine,but if I try to add my friend,it gives error 101 0103,I tried with every user,same problem,any solutions

Hey mine showing 101-0112

Really bad

Is it because you left friends list on your gamepad over night.

Is that the issue giving me this error code 101-0112

Bro it’s not that error,it’s 101 0103

What is the error code for 101-0112

It says the error 101 0112 is caused by friend server,idk

Is it could be issue with Mario kart 8 and splatoon

For mk8 I don’t get the issue,and splatoon I didn’t see,I’m just saying the friend adding is not workong

How you know??


What Wi-Fi are you going to use right now

My home wifi of course

So do you know yet he solution for this

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Are you on Mario kart 8 right now??

I’m currently encountering the same issue. I assume it’s the influx of new players

Friends WiiU is known to be kinda iffy at the moment, there’s a [possible fix in the works ]

Do check your Internet though.

The internet is working fine

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Make sure you don’t get this error when you go on one player online. On your game pad

Any solution for adding friends

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Have you got that server issue

Hey I added 46 people on my friends list.