Error 101 0103 when adding a friend

Restart your router. I had this happen to me, my internet was fine and worked just some weird issue.

It saying it’s connected

In my experience, 101-0103 happens when I try to add a PNID that doesn’t exist. It’s just a misleading error message. There might be other causes, though.

You getting error code from 101-0112 when you playing Mario kart 8

Also depends how many friends that you are added completely

Sorry,it was a wrong pnid

Bro,101 0502 is back on my wiiu

Mine isn’t it showing me error code for 101-0112

I can’t play online issue influx players showed timeout connection

I just find out when I turned on my wii u. What could be my Wi-Fi connection

Error issue players influx users on friends can’t access to the server.