3ds Friend Codes

I’m looking for friends on 3ds. My code is 3325-7574-1794.
Let me know your name and code so I can add you back!


I’m 0704-3160-0113
I made a post if you want to look at it about what I play to see if we share any game preferences.

1649-5643-8997 add me as Blader

Can we stop with these threads? There’s too many and it’s just unnecessary to have like 5 different general friend code exchanges.

If you want to share your friend code, please do it in 3DS Friend code exchange / looking for people to add.


Yea you got a point,maybe they should add a new category for adding friends

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@Blader2099 @Rpearson53 I’ve added you both!

Hola estoy buscando amigos de 3ds mi código es 0747-4779-7381 agregenme como juanchi :call_me_hand:t2:

i send to you a request,please accept! My Code is 0358-0317-2259 “Joao Vitor”.