3ds friend code exchange

Looking to add some people on 3ds. My friend code is 4312-3889-9065. Feel free to add me and please share your friend code so I can add you back.

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1905 - 6106 - 9519
Would love to get some people for relay

@Eman11, @sebobeb, MaoMaster69
Added all of you, my code is: 0358-6777-5406

My code is 5379-2496-0337 !!

4391-9548-6999 is my code.

Edit: I added @sebobeb, @MaoMaster69, @EthanBB, and @Sammyml.

Added you!
My Code: 4178-6853-9321

To anyone: Reply to me when adding my code, so I can add you back! ^~^

Added @Der-Gameboy!

also, to hit 20 char, added Ethan and Eman who also added me.

Added you: 4178-6853-9321

Added you too: 4178-6853-9321

Added you: 4178-6853-9321

My fc is 4309-0094-4802 lmk if you added

My PNID is HereForPKMN, and my 3DS code is 3923-4644-7477.

I already added you.

(post deleted by author)

Added you (4178-6853-9321)!

Hey! My Code is 0358-0317-2259"Joao Vitor" I send tô you a request!!

Hey,i added you,my Code: 0358-0317-2259!