(3DS 022-5432) Pretendo trying to use my NNID instead of my PNID after switching SD cards

TL;DR: SD card on my New 3DS XL died last week. Got a new SD card, reinstalled Nimbus (which was on Pretendo already, but I switched to Nintendo then back to Pretendo just in case), but now System Settings and Miiverse try to sign into my NNID instead of my PNID, failing with error 022-5432 when they inevitably fail. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Hi guys. I apologise in advance if this has already been asked or if I should be asking on Discord instead of on here, but I’ve been having a really strange issue every since I switched SD cards on my 3DS.

My 3DS’ (in case it matters, it’s a New 3DS XL) sd card died last week. I bought a new SD card and followed the 3ds hacks guide’s tutorial on restoring CFW if you’d lost the contents of your SD card.

Before doing this, out of curiosity, I’d tried to enter Miiverse but failed after it tried to sign into it with my NNID (pkmnplayermanu) instead of my PNID (pkmn_player_manu). I thought this’d happened because Nimbus was not on my SD card and didn’t worry too much about it.

I’ve since reinstalled Nimbus, which showed I was on Pretendo Network. Just in case, I switched to Nintendo and back to Pretendo to ensure that it was actually on it, but the problem isn’t gone. I was just able to find a Mario Kart 7 match (I’m not sure if that’s tied to an NNID/PNID, though), but both the System Settings and Miiverse keep trying to log into my NNID instead of my PNID, throwing error 022-5432 (a generic “An error has occurred”…) when they inevitably fail.

Is there anything I can do to fix this, or will I never be able to use anything that’s tied to a Network ID?

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this also keeps happning to me :frowning:

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