Worries about the system transfer

Since my New 3DS XL has a dead ass crack in it, I have to go to my local CeX store to replace it, but what I’m thinking about a lot is transferring to the unmodded one from my modded one. Once I finished the transferring process, I might loose all of my Pretendo account data and then I won’t be able to use it anymore. So if I transfer my cracked 3ds to a new one, will it have my Pretendo account data recovered and so is other cfw data and stuff?

Afaik nothing related to CFW will be transferred during a system transfer, including your Pretendo account

You are able to sign into the same PNID on multiple consoles though


We do not recommend trying system transfers at this time. When you do a system transfer the console also tries to contact the servers to move data over. This easily causes desyncs in what data your console has and what data our servers have, especially if you do a system transfer where at least one console is connected to Nintendo’s servers (like in your case, with an unmodded console), since that data transfer is completely invisible to us.

It’s somewhere we’re aware of and want to support in the future, but right now there’s just a lot of roadblocks.