Wii U freezes when adding Pretendo Account

So, I’m trying to add my Pretendo Account, but whenever I click the log-in button on the Wii U, it freezes and I have to reboot it just to get it back to normal. I have tried L+SHIFT+DOWN (?) and check the properties of Pretendo. Everything was normal in there, so I made a new Mii account and picked yes to connecting an account, but to my surprise, it freezes. I’ll put what happens below this.

Upon creating or attempting to connect a Nintendo account (for Pretendo), The menu for connecting a Nintendo account loads, and then freezes. Whilst it’s frozen, it makes the sound the Wii makes when it freezes. It also makes a pop noise when turned off. Everything else works fine, but it’s just this.

Hi there,
Im havinf the exact same issue deleting and reinstalling pretendo doesnt work

That usually means that patching (the first option in the plugin) isn’t enabled, as that’s the same thing that happens when you try to log in to a NNID on Pretendo. Have you made sure that the connection option is set to true?