Why does the Pretendo Juxt API toggle the empathy instead of just adding it?

I have noticed that the pretendo juxt api endpoint for adding Yeahs! (Empathies)


toggles the empathy, instead of just creating it, and i dont think it should behave like this, since games that do use Yeah functionality, mostly just allow for Yeahing and dont have Unyeahing implemented (except for Tipping Stars, which is a special title since it uses the rare is_app_jumpable functionality)

anyways, this endpoint when POST´d, with the proper authentication headers, toggles the empathy, i wanted to ask, why does it toggle it instead of just creating it?

I have seen this toggle functionality too on Portal, but for that i did get it, however, games arent designed with this toggle system in mind, like Nintendo Land, i can yeah a post twice, and it will create and delete the empathy (instead of just adding it), if games wanted to implement Unyeah!, they use empathies.delete, but barely any games have Unyeahing implemented, so yeah its a rare endpoint.

Anyways thats my question/issue and i hope i get an answer soon

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