Welcome to Pretendo Network! 👋

I have also noticed that a few people who are presumably new to Discourse are making multiple one-sentence posts at a time, like you would on Discord. Can you automatically merge multiple posts by the same person together like how other forums often do (I think I saw this on gbatemp)?

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Theoretically you could edit someone’s post to include all their replies.

The best solution would be a cooldown between posts, I’m a regular member on ISPreview UK Forum and there’s a 60 second cooldown, same was also on https://devforum.roblox.com.

I don’t think merging all someone’s posts is possible iirc, I know you can split someone’s posts into a new thread or DM.

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Actually no, I think it is possible, ignore what I said.

Just for reference @MatthewL246_PNID, GBAtemp uses a piece of software called Xenforo in case that’s any use.

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Wait, are you being serious?
The Discord seems really unorganized. Maybe this forum is a step in the right direction.

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I apologise for the confusion. I have a tendency to argue points that make sense to me and not to others. Not all of those points were things I personally agree with, but were seen in the Discord discussions regarding the new forum.

That’s completely true, but the context surround it can give you a general idea as to whether someone has read your recommendation.

I did notice this! It’s a really cool feature!

I agree…I don’t know what I was trying to say here…

I think I was too vague here…I typically help users outside of the Discord threads, like in Offtopic and Pretendo-General so they an get a quick answer. An obvious exception being if the toubleshooting gets to be outside of my sphere of knowledge or too lengthy for the current 30-second cooldown, where I’ll redirect them to use the Support threads. I don’t believe I’ve seen any people joking in the real threads, but in the normal chats, it’s not uncommon.

I was, again, too vague with this. I have found that web-based forums last significantly longer than Discord forums because the search engine promotes it. With the Discord forums, it’s forever, but localised within a specific community, locked behind an app. I can look up an error code and it’ll pop up with one of the Pretendo forum threads, but not a Discord forum thread. I’m sure my explanation is still poor, and I apologise.

Absolutely. It’s one of the aforementioned arguments from the discussion around the forum existing in the first place. It made no sense to me that they would cherry-pick one specific thing when it’s practically every site, every service, and every company to ever exist in one form or another.

Drat…that’s what I was worried about. At least now we know that it isn’t feasible!

As for your closing statement, I completely agree that this forum was necessary, although right now (as of Thursday, May 9th, 2024), the Discord community is divided on whether it is negative or positive. I’ve limited myself since Thursday to not even open Discord and I’ve found myself flipping to the opposite side. While I don’t prefer the web forum, I don’t see it as evil anymore. It just takes time to warm up to and it allows more direct contact with the developers, as people have recently been complaining about. It’s nice that you can log in without having to go through Discord and it’s nice that now you can do a simple web search and the forum pops up (although, right now I’ve found similar errors for Nintendo Network being pushed to the top, but hopefully that’ll be replaced with Pretendo Network soon).

Thank you for your time, and I apologise for the inconvenience.

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It was purely visual, but for a short time, Support Helpers had image and embed permissions (although it was rarely useful). While it was visual, it gave us a status as someone who could be trusted for accurate information and for consistent help. Often people confused us with Moderators or Developers, in which case we would correct them. The only issue was that we, ourselves, could be disorganised, at times.
We didn’t have a channel for ourselves where we could post the error codes and the recommended steps to troubleshoot or approved responses or a solid guideline for how to handle users who just aren’t quite understanding what we were recommending (often ends in shouting matches, where a different Support Helper or Moderator steps in; only in Pretendo-General and Offtopic, of course).
In any case, it gave people someone to ping who might know how to address their issues, rather than pinging Moderators or Developers who either don’t have the knowledge or time to deal with the issue.

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I find the normal chats to be quite toxic at times anyways, earlier today it felt toxic to look at.

I’m hoping that the forum will be actively promoted when people look for support in the future instead of join yet another Discord server.

Frankly, those chat applications are toxic. I know I’m in the Pretendo Discord, but I don’t read it for more than an hour a day. I’ve intentionally limited my activity where I’m only in 6 servers, 4 of which are under 50 members (one of the over 50 member servers is for the Splatoon Two Course Meal for Palestine which I helped raise funding for and literally all you’ll see in that chat is :3).

Social media sucks.

Frankly these comments are off-topic and perhaps it should be a DM instead?

It was also a role you could ping so that people would see your post.

I think it will be better going forward on forums once people start using it, I would say that there’s only a few active users at the moment unfortunately and most of the Support Helpers seem to be sticking to Discord, I don’t really recognise any of them actively here other than yourself.

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SarahB is one of the Support Helpers :+1:


Congrats on setting up Discourse for Pretendo! :smiley:
I’ve used Discourse before, so I’m familiar with all the features.
This is also very useful to people who don’t have, or can’t use Discord (like me).
You should try posting some announcements here as well as the Discord server, so people without Discord understand what’s going on.


I believe thats the plan to have something cross-post announcements and so on between here and discord for example

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They have started cross-posting announcements, glad we have a few people now familiar with the software!

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Thx you im glad to have joined this community

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You see the errors codes ends 101 0112 my Wi-Fi is perfectly fine I put my DNS to get online to play Splatoon and Mk8
It’s been fine since Monday. I went on my wii u last Tuesday it show me error code saying occurred to the server is it the game not fully updated the system

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Hi guys! The forums reminds me of Miiverse and i cool.:sunglasses:

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Hello everyone! I didn’t know there was a forum.

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Welcome! Always glad to see more people :3


Oh, hi! It‘s nice to see that you have now a forum! :smiley:


I feel like im using the Roblox devforums when I use this

Same software, I’m an active DevForum member since 2020 :joy:

This is insanely interesting.