Unlinking a PNID on 3DS

Ok so I’m trying to run a private localhost instance of Juxt/Account server using pretendo-docker (see GitHub - MatthewL246/pretendo-docker: An unofficial Docker Compose setup for self-hosting a Pretendo Network server.) but in order to make a PNID on my localhost instance I need to unlink my PNID already linked to my 3DS but I don’t know how to, any clues?

You can’t. Just like with Nintendo Network. There’s only 2 ways to remove a network account from a 3DS

  1. Delete the account entirely through the console (it’s in one of the settings menus). But this deletes the account itself, not just the link
  2. Factory reset the console. This doesn’t delete the account, but it does unlink it. At the cost of losing all your local data

Anything else you do to try and remove it, such as through homebrew or GM9, is not supported by us and we likely won’t give support if something goes wrong. That’s a risk you’d have to take yourself

Hi. There are full instructios in the readme for connecting with a 3DS. They explain how you can use multiple friends accounts on your 3DS by backing up and restoring your friends and account system module saves. You don’t need to unlink anything. Jon is right though that this method is not officially supported, but it seems to work fine.