Splatoon/Mario kart 8 infinetly loading when i enter the online portion of it on cemu

When i click online on mario kart 8 or open splatoon it will infintely load with no error code on cemu
Any solutions
Thanks in regard

Do you by any chance have more than five friends on your Pretendo account?

That’s indeed one of the factors that currently make Cemu stuck on an infinite loading screen, especially with Splatoon 1.

I think I do actually but I can’t open the friends menu on cemu because it’s infinitely loading

The solution is simple, open your wiiu and unfriend some people, after that CEMU should work fine.

I am pretty sure its not 5+ since I used to have a lot mor than that and it worked fine.

As far as i understand it seems to vary from person to person, For example i managed to get to about 10 friends before i got the issue then removed like 2 i think and cemu started working

Basically long story short… Your mileage may vary in regards to the issue