Splatoon Lobby Error

When trying to load online in Splatoon, it pops up with the ingame “An error has occurred”. Why is this happeneing?

What specific error code are you getting?

I join a player in the lobby gives me a error code 101 0502

Ah that specific message means that the servers are busy. This is due to lot’s of people wanting to play. All you can do is just the generic try again later.

Is it whole country issues to join splatoon giving them problems to play match war. I remember when I play Nintendo Network it wasn’t like that start with.

I did tell them that have to be patient about it. Would it be going back to normal how it used to be before.

I join Pretendo since after NNID shut down last month.

I got the same error :smiling_face_with_tear:
And the error it’s also happening on MK8 server

Me da el mismo error al intentar entrar en amigos y splatoon y Mario Kart 8.

I’m getting this error code

My game was working in the minute ago when I was finished my lobby and I got an error code.

That’s an error code that I haven’t seen. Let me look up what it means.

Ok thx I never seen that before I was join regular battle just now and show me error problems

I don’t know is that overloaded on splatoon or something

Ok not good. Here’s what the support bot says

104-0269 (Wii U)
Wii U support code detected
Information is WIP and may be missing/incorrect
Module Name

Module Description
Error Name
Missing name

Error Description
Missing description
Missing fix
Console dialog message
Missing message

AKA There’s no data on that error besides it might have to do with spotpass. Maybe try again to hope to see a different code?

Is it DNS settings???

That means I can’t play online

Idk. Maybe try clearing dns, rebooting the consel, and putting the dns back?

I was in using