Splatoon 104-2210

i have the 104-2210 in splatoon

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Do you have nimble installed?If not, here is the link for it :

The take the rpx file to your SD card to wiiu/environments/aroma/modules/setup

This should probably solve the problem!

I getting Issue on splatoon 101-0502 just now on my wii u gamepad what can I do to resolve this issue

That is a load in the friend server,so its a server problem,not yours.But you can try unregistering wara wara boss tasks by going into plugins/inkay/other settings(the second setting)/unregister wara wara boss tasks.Hope this works

We’re getting a 104-2210, we have nimble and inkay, and we can connect to miiverse/juxt. we’ve tried unregistering wara wara boss tasks, but it hasn’t made a difference. We’re on our fifth restart.

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I’ve actually got the same issue with Wii Fit U

Where did you put nimble in the SD card

And If everything is right.Then idk,ask anyone who knows more than me.

I’m having the same problem on Splatoon but I am using aroma not tiramisu or haxchi

If you’re having this problem,install nimble,and put the file in your SD card to wiiu/environments/aroma/plugins/setup
This may solve the problem
And If you’re sadly using sssl method,Splatoon in not compatible with it

Try updating to the latest version of Aroma and updating to Inkay 2.5.0.

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It working but I can’t join other players in there list.

When I go on players battle on splatoon won’t allow me to join some reason.