Splatoon 1 Not working

I got pretendo working today and made a new acc for it, I then transferred my 2015 data of Splatoon 1 to said new acc, I don’t know if there’s something I’m missing but it flat out doesn’t work, i even then tried the DNS thing but upon entering the Lobby and trying to connect I get error code 101-0502.
Does anyone know what to do?

This looks like a common issue server side with the servers being too busy/overloaded. I guess just try again later? If you want more info look here on the forums for that error code that you got.

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Quote from the Bandwith bot’s support code detector:

101-0502 (Wii U)
Wii U support code detected Information is WIP and may be missing/incorrect

Module Name:

Module Description:

Error Name:

Error Description:
Couldn’t connect to the Friends server.

The Pretendo server is likely overloaded. Try again in half an hour.

Console dialog message

  1. Missing message

this happened w/ me too. but the latest aroma update has issues w/ pretendo. I got online twice since then but we need pretendo or aroma staff to fix this so I recommend, u update pretendo, or aroma ASAP after it’s ready.

Pretendo is compatible with the latest aroma update now afaik, it’s just server overload from what I’ve seen

on a post from pretendo inkay has a fix for aroma compatability
(it wonk let me link it so just copy it and paste in ur search bar

I’m using inkay and I have the error 101 0502,and I play at a time where no one plays in,what’s the problem?

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