(SOLVED!) Error Code 102-2932 in Miiverse! Please help!

So, I tried to get on Miiverse (Juxtaposition) and it just hung on the clock screen. I entered it a second time and it threw up 102-2932. I also cannot log into the Pretendo website. However, the friends list works perfectly.

When putting this into the error search on the Pretendo website, it said it was related to the NNID module, and that the cause and solution were both unknown.

I fear that my PNID has been deleted or banned for some reason, or another database wipe has occurred. Please help!!

EDIT: So now I can’t even launch Miiverse, let alone get to the clock screen. I’m shaking in fear.

EDIT 2: Apparently the account servers are down, along with Juxt. Seems like I’ll just have to try again later.

they are down, same as the website (juxt)

I had a same problem with my miiverse
I cannot see my friends on to check if they are playing Mario kart 8 and splatoon I’m this weird.

This error came up