Should I update my Aroma version?

I’ve seen posts saying that the latest Aroma versions cause problems with Pretendo. Should I update? If so, how can I avoid any problems?

Sorry if this is just a repeat of another post…

If I add onto this, how do you check your Aroma version? I vaguely know how to check my Luma3DS version, but I have no clue about Aroma (my Wii U has been modded for a shorter timespan).

I did and it was fine for me. Just install this beta Inkay patch so Inkay will work properly and it’ll be fine :3


I don’t know how to check what version I’m on either but Releases · wiiu-env/Aroma · GitHub has a release from 8 hours ago…

Aroma is way more confusing than Luma3DS in my opinion (maybe I’m just stupid lol)

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Sounds like I’m on beta 16 by commits, it depends on whether you can remember when you’ve modded I guess

I think I’m also on beta 16. I had no clue there were so many updates lol

I haven’t ever really touched the Aroma Updater app and just left it in my Extras folder

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The Aroma Updater app is very useful, and will allow you to just install the latest Aroma update when a new one comes out. I recommend using it!

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u can check ur version on the aroma updater and when it was updated