Request to remove 4 Pretendo Network accounts that have similar NNIDs (unusable)

Hello Pretendo Support team,

I have 4 Nintendo DSes (2 3DS XL and 2 2DS XL) for the whole family. All 4 of them are modded with latest Luma release. After the Nintendo servers shut down I have installed Nimbus/Pretendo and have created 4 PNIDs, i.e. 1 for each console. I have made the mistake of setting the PNIDs account name as the same as the original Nintendo ID connected to the consoles, which render each PNID unusable as the information cannot be changed… Also, I noticed that connecting to Nintendo then back to Pretendo my PNID was disconnected from the 3DS settings (and cannot log back in for the reasons above), but I can still access online multiplayer.

If my 4 accounts could be fully deleted, I can try recreating them with a unique PNID different from the Nintendo ID?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


Hey there!
I’m not from Pretendo’s support team, but I’m always glad to help!
Pretendo doesn’t tend to delete PNIDs. If you’ve made a PNID that doesn’t work, you can always make another. The issue where your PNID gets unlinked upon switching servers isn’t something I’ve heard of before, but there might be others with the same problem on the forum. Feel free to PM me if you need any help and have a great day!

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