Question about locales

I would like to voice a couple of questions regarding locales

1.: Since you are considering moving from weblate to another service, will there be a need to re-do existing translations, if not, what will the moving process entail.

2.: Will the new locales require direct text editing (judging off of how the error code repo is formatted with the locales), or will there be a ui similar to weblate’s with qol features

3.: This one is a bit more personal, but will it be as much of a pain to add canadian french as it was with weblate?

Thank you very much in advance!

  1. Existing translations should not need to be redone.They should work as-is.
  2. There will be both, you have the option to use a web UI or directly edit the files (this is mentioned in that error codes repo, in the README).
  3. Shouldn’t be.

The service we’re transitioning to is not complete yet. It’s being made by a personal friend of mine, actually. The same person who maintains the tools we use to build our developer documentation

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Ok, thank you so much for the info, so it should be ok to keep working on the weblate translations until the new service is ready?

I just want to know as I am preparing to translate the website

Correct, just keep using Weblate where it’s available for now

Alright, thank you very much!