Pretendo UI Mod

MK8 Pretendo UI [Mario Kart 8] [Mods] (

Just a mod that changes text to match Pretendo. E.g instead of “Connecting to Nintendo Network” it will say “Connecting to Pretendo Network”. This applies to all mentions of Nintendo Network > Pretendo Network and Miiverse > Juxtaposition within the game.

This mod works for all languages!

Currently only released for Mario Kart 8, I aim to have a mod that supports all games with online integration.

This mod simply aims to create a cleaner experience for games when you use Pretendo! Maybe at some point I’ll find a way to have it automatically integrated with Inkay, but I don’t currently have the knowledge for that.

I highly recommend trying this out!

I hope they also do It in the user selection page on wiiu,Like saying pretendo network id instead of Nintendo network id,and also change the Nintendo network id logo to pretendo network logo

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There is a Pretendo Wii U system theme that does this. I’ve had a look at it and I reckon I can make some improvements myself. It uses SDCafiine but it is slightly more risky than modding games. I hope to see a point at which it could be implemented into the plugin. I’ve seen people in the Discord getting confused because it asks you to sign into Nintendo and they expect that system dialogue to be changed.

Nah I just like the old basic wiiu theme