Pretendo Badge Help Desk (Missing Badges, Custom Badges, etc)

If you have problems regarding badges and the Nintendo Badge Arcade, please report here, and we will get to you ASAP.


PSA: For backing up and transferring badges to Pretendo, please follow this guide:


Good guide! This should help people!

Ofc my guide is there right at the top :joy:

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Making a more eye friendly guide soon :0

That’s good! Should be marked as solution honestly but I don’t think the posts OP has access to mark it as a solution.

If I recall correctly, it’s normal behaviour for you to have to replace all your badges on the HOME Menu right when you do a backup with MrCheeze’s tool? (could ask him myself since we’re fedi mutuals but I’d rather not)

Edit: nvm it is normal

I’ve get my badges back using a backup of my SD card before, but my badges are gone again! COuld it be because I updated Luma?

When you switch between Nintendo Network and Pretendo, your badges will disappear on the other one. For example, if you have your badges set up on Pretendo then they won’t show up on Nintendo Network unless you use Simple Badge injector to set the ID value back to the Nintendo Network one.

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If you have custom badges and open the arcade they will dissapear

Yes, that’s intended and I believe that was the case on Nintendo Network as well. Pretendo doesn’t currently support the Badge Arcade anyways.