Pokemon X | 002-0110

To whom this may concern,

I have Just used Numbus to switch my Profile over to Pretendo, registered on the console, logged into the site and signed up for Super Mario, supporter status.

I set the beta server access on my Pretendo account, Which provides access to Beta Servers.

However when I load Pokemon X, I am unable to do a wonder trade, which was showcased on Twitter not long ago.

I receive the error 002-0110. The Screenshot I am providing is taken with my “New 3ds XL” Katsukity console

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Tested with Omega Ruby as well.

Not really sure how to resolve this. I know ORAS & XY are new to Pretendo. So unsure what the issue could be.

confirmed my pretendo is working as I got mk7 working.

But still XY & ORAS of Pokemon are not.

Spoke to a Mod/Dev. My Friend code had to be white listed as part of the “Beta”

Confirmed working after being white listed.

Thanks to all involved.

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“Successfully connected to the Internet.” I’ve missed those 5 words. And as for trading, well, let’s just say I did SOOO many Wonder Trades two months ago. You would not BELIEVE the amount of Pokémon I got through there! I miss seeing that thing.

Who did you speak to about getting the friend code white listed?

What do you mean by that?

i deleted my comment because I ended up just asking in the #dev-supporters channel of the discord and got whitelisted that way. when i deleted for some reason it just left the comment but said “deleted by comment author” instead of fully deleting it

Strange. Well, I’m glad your problem got resolved.