Photos in Tingle Bottles in Wind Waker HD?

I’m seeing text and drawing messages from Juxt in Tingle Bottles while playing Wind Waker HD. (It’s great to have the Tingle Bottles appearing again!) However, I haven’t seen any photo posts, even though I can send them, so it doesn’t look like receiving these posts is supported yet in-game.

First: Is this supposed to be working now, or is it not yet implemented?

Second: Is there anything I can do to help this get implemented? How do I find out what the state of this particular issue is? Are there any captures of this interaction with the game, or is it necessary to open up the game files and reverse engineer what format or metadata the incoming message photos need to have?

The photo posts were a great help in filling out the in-game figurine collection, since several of the photos are missable, or are only available on a second playthrough where you start with the color camera. They also made you feel like you were playing the game together with others, seeing their progress, especially the selfies.


I’m not sure what the current state of it is. In-game Miiverse stuff is mostly handled by olv-api?

Packet captures were pretty thoroughly taken pre-shutdown both by devs and the general public, but they’re a bit hard to share around since they tend to have things like NNID login tokens and console certificates in them, which need to be manually stripped out. @Billy549 could likely say more.

That said, for Miiverse in particular, just the .xml is probably enough to work it out without all the HTTP stuff that goes with it, so that could maybe be shared around?


Yes, in-game Miiverse is handled by olv-api :slight_smile:

As a complete guess (because I don’t currently have access to a console to try and capture a post), I expect it’s sending some game-specific data that we’re just not returning. If that is the case, we would just need to return that data.

I believe there is (was?) a case where this didn’t happen and we had to provide the app data, but if that’s what’s happening here I’m sure we can poke around as appropriate


maybe the Juxt API isnt responding with the screenshot data?, another game that uses the screenshots in-game is Animal Crossing Plaza.

I saw the “screenshot” field in the api being an URL, but im pretty sure it should be an base64 JPEG (at least what does make sense, since the miiverse api doesnt make any external requests except the xml themselfs), since they also did this for the "painting " tag (base64´ing the tga), then that would make sense