[OUTDATED] Testing fix for new Aroma versions

Thanks to hard work from TraceEntertains and Maschell, a new build of Inkay for Aroma is being tested. This build:

  • Works on Aroma 17 and newer
  • Doesn’t need Nimble installed for SpotPass to work
  • Features multiple translations
  • Has some slightly improved menus

Here is the download link! (GitHub account might be required)

Note that this is a test build, and is not the final, stable one. If you choose to use this, keep an eye out for an announcement of the stable version and update to that.


I’ll try it out as soon as I can! Thank you for finally dropping Aroma 17+ support!!

it says page not found

btw which version is it

this is so cool!!! i’ll try it later

Awesome! Though, I’m sticking to Beta 16 for a bit, due to the Health and Safety app being freed up.

Can you test this anyway? I’m curious if the new plugin works on older Aroma.

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Sorry, but I’ve lost access to my Github account, so I can’t download it. :frowning:

I don’t really want to screw around with it, though. I only have one Wii U.

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I can’t believe everyone can’t get into Mario kart 8 global race