My first post here! Ever!

Hi! So uh… I’ve kind of been keeping an eye on this place since, well, you know. April. Anyway, I just want to briefly deal with some issues on the main homepage concerning my account, and then I can start visiting this place for real!

(note: I’ll have to put the issues separately, since apparently “new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.” UGH.)

Issue 1: My profile.

I can’t change any of these things about myself, and only the image of the Mii and the Mii nickname are correct.

If I try to change it, this happens:

2. Inconsistency in where your Mii profile picture shows up.
where'd sonej go
3. Login errors - sometimes it’ll let me in, other times it won’t.

4. Not being able to re-access Mii Editor; instead it just takes you to an endless login page (see above).
And on top of all that…
default mii
Even when I refresh this forum page, it STILL doesn’t register my own Mii there. And of course, while I don’t have a screenshot of this, it won’t let me change the year I was born in Mii Editor. I can change the month and the day, but it still thinks I was born this year, which is an utter lie.

What’s going on?

  1. As the popup says, changing your account data is currently only available from the NNID settings app on a linked console. Editing it on the website is a planned feature.
  2. Seems like a minor web design/layout issue. You could create a GitHub issue for this suggestion.
  3. Based on the time that you posted this, you might have been affected by a Cloudflare outage. The issue should be resolved by now. Try clearing your cookies for as well.
  4. See 3.
  5. To update your Mii image on the forum, you need to sign out and then sign back in. That should update it.

Thanks! But if I sign out, I won’t TRULY lose any of my details, right?

No. Think of it like signing out of a Microsoft account and signing back in. You won’t lose anything at all.

Ohh, I understand now. Thanks!

Also, this is what I meant about not letting me change the year I was born.

Your Mii’s birthdate can also be changed from a linked console via the Mii Maker. There really isn’t a point in giving your Mii a birthdate, though.

There really isn’t a point in giving your Mii a birthdate, though.

What do you mean? Don’t you do that on the regular Mii Maker on the 3DS/2DS/Wii U?

I meant changing the birthdate or setting one. You’re able to create a Mii without giving it a birthdate. (I think? I may be remembering incorrectly.)

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I still don’t think I’m understanding you.

Would you mind explaining what exactly you don’t understand about what I said? Sorry if this sounds rude.

Sorry I didn’t see this message. It’s an old one; never mind.