Miiverse 403 Forbidden Error

Hello, I have downloaded Pretendo, and so far, everything had worked fine.

The main reason I downloaded Pretendo was so I could use Miiverse again, and when I click on the app, it seems to load the intro screen with the Miis on the earth just fine, but then it brings me to a screen that says “403 Forbidden” with the words nginx below it. I was able to verify my email with my Pretendo account before going into the Miiverse app, and nobody seems to have a similar error so far, so I am a bit confused. Help would be appreciated.

That means Nginx cannot actually access some files on a server because it doesn’t have permissions to do so. That’s all I can give.

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P.S Did you patch the Miiverse application with Pretendo services?

I believe I did? I’m not exactly sure, but I followed all the steps that were provided when I was installing Pretendo. Is there a specific step/tutorial for that, or do you mean enabling patches with Luma3DS in the installation process?