Mario kart 8 problems

Hi i just Setup pretendo on my modded wii u and for some reason whenever i go onto mario kart 8 it says

What do i do or what is the story can someone please explain if i did something wrong and how to fix it please

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Im also having the same issue. i tried what ppl said like restarting my router, resetting pretendo, re-installing pretendo, changing my dns, installing inkay, but it still doesn’t make any changes! I’ve had this issue for more than 2 weeks!!!

So what will you do or can you since im going to try the stuff u just said

This means you failed to connect to the friends server. Games such as Mario Kart 8 need a connection to the friend server to connect online.

Unfortunately, there’s no permanent fix. The friend servers are pretty flaky and go up and down a lot. This even happens to me.

Just figured out. I tried connecting to hotspot and it works lol.

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