Looking for friends on Wii U! Add me :3

My PNID is “nate_0917x”

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Already did! Wanna play splatoon?, please? ;_;

Sure! I’m ready when u are

Give me a hot sec, i have an error when i try to rwceive news?!!?!

We doing turf, squad battles, or PBs?

Turf!, let me fix this real quick

Ok! I’m in turf. Join whenever ur ready

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Not going to be able to join because pretendo is having some issues!, sorry :,[

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It’s ok. Btw u have a Discord? If so whats your tag so I can add u. I’ll be on splatoon again later today

Ok, its " jhona1333 ", whats yours?

Added! My tag is “nate_0917x”

My PNID is WhyWinNow, I barely play Splatoon and love Super Mario Maker!!!

Thank u! I sent a FR

Hi everyone, add me to play some games!

PNID: “AESiR_99”

Currently playing Splatoon! :grin: (or at least trying to… :smiling_face_with_tear:)

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Thanks man! I sent a FR

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Accepted! :white_check_mark: You,re Welcome! :grin:

Hey everyone!

My PNID is Fredento, please add me!


Thanks man! I accepted ur FR :slight_smile:

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Feel free to add me: Ranvir

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My friend list having serious issues I’m getting these error code 101-0112 it won’t let me connect to server

My internet is perfectly fine