June Progress Update

With June coming to a close, we’d like to take this time to talk about some recent updates, and future plans, for Pretendo. The full announcement is too long with a single post here, so see our full blog post for all the information: https://pretendo.network/blog/6-29-24

In this blog post we go over some unreleased new updates to our server libraries which should help with overall stability, the details of ten games receiving either new updates or beta testing (including Smash, Pokemon, and Puyo Puyo), and more!

Thank you everyone for your support and patience! :purple_heart:


Good morning, I know that all the work on Pretendo Network is difficult, so I imagine they are very busy, I just wanted to know if they are going to open the animal crossing new leaf online at the bottom of the page that says all the new things they are going to do in July an image of animal crossing new leaf appears I think this is a clue, excuse my ignorance but could you please confirm

Yes, it is being worked on now - the alt text of the image says “Screenshot of ACNL saying “Hello there, Mayor Pretendo” teasing ACNL being worked on.”

But to be clear, there is no exact ETA and we can’t guarantee it will release in July.


Didn’t even realise that, guess I got news to report on :grin:


Ohhh finally,they’re finding solutions for 101-0502,that’s some good news for me and @AntonCoolgamer


What is the news
Bro is it do with online game

No,it has solutions for error 101 0502

Should be all deployed now!

"@⁣ro⁣om I have deployed our latest round of fixes and stability updates to the friends server, and collected some usage data to monitor how things are going. The friends server is the one which was causing the X01-0502 errors. 0502 is a very generic “failed to connect” error, which can be caused by any number of things (server load, connection instability, issues with your local internet setup, etc.)

The Wii U and 3DS maintain a connection to the friends server at all times in the background, it is the heart of Nintendo Network, and if that connection fails then so does your connection to game servers. Due to this, we have been spending a lot of time lately working to optimize both our lower level library code as well as the logic in the friends server itself to improve it’s stability

With the latest round of updates we have seen a noticeable reduction in the number of 0502 reports, even from users who were reliably getting the error

There is still room for improvement, so we do not expect these latest updates to be the end-all-be-all for stability improvements. But they should help drastically. If you’re still having connection issues, feel free to reach out on our support forum and/or report specific issues on our GitHub repository (please ensure you have checked for duplicate reports before making any new ones):


So is there a new update for inkay,or no need it’s in 2.5

I know you guys are really hard at work, but I have a suggestion for the future. Wii Sports Club would be a good idea for online connectivity. We already have a Wii Sports Club Community on Juxt, and it’s the only Wii Sports with Online Connectivity (Switch Sports is Hot Garbage). So please consider that for the future. Also, I’m Excited for Smash Wii U!!