Issues Setpu Pretendo [3ds]

Hello fellow 3ds lovers
im new to pretendo ive just setup the app on my 3ds to play smash bros and mario kart7 like the good old day.

but the issue is when i lunch pretendo i click on pretendo and my 3ds restart.
but when i go to my nitendo online parameter to login to pretendo it show up my nitendo online account…
how to fix this plzzzz because in the guide ive seen on youtube they able to directly connect to their pretendo account.
thx for your help.
sorry for my english, its not my mother thongue.

You don’t need to sign into a PNID to play either of those games as far as I know if that’s all you’re doing.

It’s hard to understand exactly what you want to do here, you tried your best at explaining though being a non-native English speaker :heart:

I would highly suggest not to look at a YouTube guide since they can get outdated all the time.

The official Pretendo guide for 3DS states that you don’t need to link up a PNID. PNIDs are only used for small things like Miiverse currently.

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Maybe try switching to Nintendo Network and then back to Pretendo Network?

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Smash Bros. doesn’t work right now, just so you know.

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Thx you for your answer

Thx you i just tested smash and it dont work
I was planning to get help here but its a normal issue😅