Is there going to be account enviroments for developers to debug homebrew apps?

Nintendo had enviroments for game developers to test their services (NEX, Miiverse API)

So i wondered, why cant Pretendo do the same?
I´m aware theres another instance (more like, another domain) for the account server for Cemu, but i was wondering if Pretendo was going to work on an instance for game-devs to test the NEX services / Miiverse API without affecting the normal production enviroment in any way.

I feel this would work great for developers (like me) who want to make homebrew apps / services and want to debug easily, and could be easily included along with the 3rd party plans…

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Pretendo does have plans to support third-party servers in the account server. I believe that this could be used by third-party developers like you who want to make and test new game servers. However, this is definitely a long-term plan that will take a while to get implemented.

In the meantime, if you want to self-host your own Pretendo server and develop on that, I made a project for that.

We literally do support multiple account environments already, and have for many years. Since the very beginning if I remember correctly. It’s referred to as server_access_level internally

This is how we’ve always controlled access to our beta servers, and you can see the environment switcher in your account settings

We make use of 3 environments officially: prod, test and dev. Only prod and test are accessible to normal users, dev is used internally by us. But we can use anything we want. I’ve put @ImoraPNID in a custom alpha environment before for debugging.

People outside of us can’t use them because there’s no reason to. We don’t allow 3rd party developers yet, and you can easily spin up instances of the entire network locally.