Is there any timeline for when the SMM1 archive will be added to Pretendo's server?

Also when it does, how will that even work. Will they be tied to copies of the profiles they were originally uploaded on? Will the level codes be the same? I had 4 accounts on SMM1 and uploaded a lot of levels. I’m also interested in knowing how close they are to getting 100 Mario Challenge working again, Endless in SMM2 never felt like an adequate replacement for it imo. I eagerly look forward to when SMM1 is fully restored. When I first loaded into Course World on my Pretendo account, I got bombarded with notifications about Event Courses being added but they weren’t actually there.


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the archive is gonna be added to the main servers? maybe I’m just reading this wrong but I heard it wasn’t going to be on the main servers…

To my knowledge, our plan is to (eventually) have a read-only archive server that you will be able to select from your account page.

These servers will not accept uploads of courses.