Inkay not showing in plug-in menu + pretendo not connecting

Hey guys, NotMe here.
So I haven’t been able to play ANYTHING on my Wii U for a WHILE. It might be because of some other plugins that were installed, so I’ll try uninstalling those and then giving an update. But until then, please help!

Update; had to use AromaUpdater. The problem now is that WaraWara Plaza doesn’t work

Install the new version of inlay 2.5,and make sure you are using the latest version of aroma

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With the new Inkay update, nimble shouldn’t be needed anymore, but download it just in case and reset the SpotPass tasks, log on your user, wait 30 seconds, boot up a game and then go to Wii U Menu or log off your user and log in again, and Wara Wara should work again.